What You Need to Know About Credit Card APR

Annual percentage rate? What does that even mean? This is what APR stands for—most people don’t even know what the letters refer to, so consider yourself semi-educated already! But, there are some important things to understand about APR, so that you don’t find yourself in financial trouble. It is not just a simple “interest rate,”[…]

How to Choose the Right Credit Card for Your Business

Searching for the perfect credit card for your business? Let us help. Small business owners face many challenges during the start up process – developing a business plan, creating sales leads, planning marketing and branding, to name a few. There are plenty of other important decisions to make, too especially when it comes to finances.[…]

Getting the Most Out of Your Rewards Credit Card

When you sign up for a rewards credit card, you usually do so because you are lured by the perks and advertised rewards. But, you might be shocked to realize just how many people actually never redeem their rewards, let them expire or just forget about them. If you are going to get a rewards[…]

The 4 Biggest Mistakes Credit Card Users Make

What’s easier than putting a charge on a credit card and then paying it off later? Simply put, nothing. In addition to rewards and other incentives, you don’t have to worry about overdrafting your account on accident if your significant other spends a bit too much at the grocery store. Credit cards are extremely handy,[…]