Earn 2,500 Bonus Ultimate Rewards Points When You Add an Authorized User

Everybody around these parts loves a good Chase offer.  Whether it be the Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card, the Chase Hyatt card, or any number of other Chase credit card offers, they usually pretty lucrative sign-up offers.  But, what about after you’ve received that sign-up offer? Are there more opportunities to earn?  As of this[…]

Capital One Venture vs. Chase Freedom Credit Card

There are a lot of credit cards out there in the world.  Some are very similar to each other.  It’s often hard to choose which one to put in that last slot in your wallet.  This post is designed to help you decide between two very worthy credit cards: the Capital One Venture Rewards card[…]

Card Comparison: Chase Freedom vs. Discover It

Oftentimes, when I’ve given advice to friends and family about “the best card for [insert reason here],” the choice comes between two cards.  “Which one should I choose?” they ask.  It’s an entirely individual question that each of you, dear readers, must answer for yourselves (though feel free to ask me anything in the comments[…]

Best Credit Cards for Shopping Rewards

Credit cards, for many, are an enabler to see our world with less stress and out of pocket cash.  Their benefits allow some of us to stay in fancy hotels, travel first class for the first time in our lives, or have a (free!) pre-departure beverage. But, for many others, who maybe don’t value travel[…]

Chase Freedom: rewards like carnivals

The Chase Freedom® is hands down one of the best personal rewards credit cards out there. Link: Chase Freedom® Our readers are bargain hounds, often wondering which rewards program is the very tastiest. Here, the Chase Freedom credit card poses an interesting conundrum: sure, 5% cash back is just about the highest rewards rate out there, but it’s only offered[…]