Best Air Purifiers

The Best Air Purifiers to Combat Allergens

Did you know that the air inside our home is about 5 times as polluted as the air outside? That’s because pollutants are constantly circulating. Unless you open your windows daily, that air isn’t going anywhere and is possibly getting worse by the second (especially if you smoke, have pets, use wood-burning fireplaces, or clean[…]

The Best Dehumidifiers to Help You Breathe Easier and Prevent Mold

Humidity is the worst. If you live somewhere that’s always humid or rainy like I do, then you know the problems it causes when there’s too much inside. High humidity levels lead to odors, mold, and dust along with bugs such as cockroaches, which bring their own flair of problems. But dealing with those health[…]

Surround Yourself with the Best Surround Sound Systems

What Are the Best Surround Sound Systems? Shopping around for a better way to immerse yourself in the sounds of music, movies, TV, or other media? Then you’ll need the best surround sound systems to choose from. I recently decided to upgrade my entertainment area and spent countless hours researching and listening to different setups.[…]

Which Bluetooth Speaker With Aux Input Will You Choose?

Whether a rock ‘n roll regular, a jazz aficionado, or a hip-hop enthusiast, every person has his or her favorite jams. Each of us wants those songs to sound fantastic. I have spent the last 25 years enjoying my favorites on vinyl, cassette tape, CDs, and digital. Throughout all those changes, I have always pursued the[…]

Which Juicer Is Best For You?

Surely you’ve heard of the amazing benefits of drinking all-natural juice. While diet fads and health trends come and go, this is one wellness practice that is here to stay. While juice bars are becoming widely popular, they can get pricey, especially if you are trying to get your daily green juice. What can you[…]