Where Can I get a Life Insurance Policy?

Discussing life insurance – and one’s mortality – is typically far from a priority in most households. Securing a policy to cover the financial needs left after one passes away, however, is an important aspect of smart money management. Life insurance coverage can be a complicated matter given the number of “flavors” available and the[…]

How Credit Card Car Rental Insurance Works

Many credit cards offer auto rental insurance as one of their perks or benefits. There are some details that you should explore before you turn down the insurance offered at the rental counter and walk away with the keys, but let’s go over the basics. Nuts and Bolts We should start by reviewing the basics[…]

Visa Signature Card Benefits Guide

We talk about Visa Signature benefits a lot, for good reason. They are thorough and packed with value — and most Visa Signature holders don’t even realize the full extent of it. Here’s your guide to the nitty-gritty. Basically, the Signature cards are Visa’s highest tier of quality. Some well-known Signature cards include the Chase[…]

5 Common Financial Mistakes You Might Be Making

Things are not always as they appear. In the often-confusing world of finance, this means a lot of well-meaning advice is followed because it seems logical enough. A lot of these pieces of wisdom, however, deserve a second look.   1. “Don’t use credit cards – you’ll be paying off that interest long after you’re[…]