Barclaycard Ring Credit Card Review

Barclaycard® Ring MasterCard® is unique. Open-source projects, co-op’s, and other kinds of social experiments are flowering now, in the information age. Even a bank is hopping on board. That’s right — the Ring card is “crowd-sourced.” The idea (according to Barclay’s) is that the cardmembers can discuss and vote, via an online community portal, and[…]

Is A Roth IRA The Perfect Savings Plan For You?

As far as retirement plans go, a Roth IRA can make the most sense for a lot of people. Both Traditional and Roth IRAs provide a way to shelter your savings from taxes. Typically, when you invest in, say, a mutual fund, you pay taxes on the money you put in and then you pay[…]

20 Ways to Make Extra Cash Now

If you’re looking for ways to get extra money, you’re probably tired of hearing “get a second job” or “get a better job.” There are definitely other creative ways you can have extra money in your bank account every month without having to give away your dog (or your children).  Just remember, if you raise[…]

5 Ways to Earn More Rewards Without Extra Spending

Rewards cards are the best, right?  We’d like to give whoever came up with the idea a big kiss on the lips. Ok, maybe just a hug.  Our delight in rewards cards is for one big obvious reason: spending that we would do anyway now reaps rewards. We get rewarded for spending money! What an[…]

5 Common Financial Mistakes You Might Be Making

Things are not always as they appear. In the often-confusing world of finance, this means a lot of well-meaning advice is followed because it seems logical enough. A lot of these pieces of wisdom, however, deserve a second look.   1. “Don’t use credit cards – you’ll be paying off that interest long after you’re[…]

Practical Steps for Eliminating Credit Card Debt

An issue that has been a nationwide concern is credit card debt. Maybe it’s because an average American family that uses credit cards has a debt of approximately $7,400. And that’s just the average. To have a solid financial stance requires reducing that number – whatever it is – as much as possible. So if[…]

The Difference Between a Charge Card and a Credit Card

Yes, there is a difference between a charge card and a credit card. If you’re more of a visual person: Charge card = Credit card  ;  Credit card ≠ Charge card A charge card is, in fact, a type of credit card, but one that requires you to pay off your balance in full every month (or[…]

Friday Feature: Earn 3x Points on Dining with Chase Sapphire Card

Each Friday, we like to inform you of a new credit card feature or deal. Chase recently announced that the Chase Sapphire card, which normally offers you 2x points at restaurants, will now offer you 3x points on the first Friday of the month through 2013. Every point counts! Something to also consider if you[…]