Citi ThankYou Premier Card

The Chase Sapphire Preferred vs. Citi ThankYou Premier Card

Having a credit card that rewards purchases related to airfare, hotel stays, rental cars, and other transportation can be a method to save a substantial amount of cash each year. Travel rewards points or miles translate quickly into dollars. But not every travel rewards program is equal. Two of the top-rated travel rewards credit cards,[…]

The possible effects of cancelling your rewards credit cards

We all know that canceling our credit cards unnecessarily can have a negative impact on our credit scores. And maintenance of a healthy credit score is essential for availing home and auto loans at the best possible interest rates, apart from allowing us to make the most of the top rewards cards offers.    […]

How to pick the right rewards card for your needs

The way everyone’s going after them, rewards cards have become a real hot property these days! Probably no other product has ever enjoyed this kind of popularity in the history of finance. These cards are the easiest way you can get free hotel nights and s-load of air miles! Agreed that the sign up bonuses[…]

USAA Active Military MasterCard Review

USAA recognizes that active members of the military certainly deserve some special benefits in exchange for their sacrifice. They are offering a special USAA Active Military MasterCard that provides specific benefits for those who are active military members.   Apply Now: USAA Active Military MasterCard®   Benefits No Annual Fee, Ever! The USAA Active Military MasterCard[…]

Barclaycard and Discover offer free FICO Credit Score Monitoring

Knowing your credit score is important. Whether you’re applying for a new credit card, mortgage, or any other line of credit, your credit score plays a very important role in not only whether you’ll be approved, but the interest rate you will receive. Having a good score can mean the difference in approval, and having[…]