Card Comparison: Chase Freedom vs. Discover It

Oftentimes, when I’ve given advice to friends and family about “the best card for [insert reason here],” the choice comes between two cards.  “Which one should I choose?” they ask.  It’s an entirely individual question that each of you, dear readers, must answer for yourselves (though feel free to ask me anything in the comments[…]

Best Credit Cards for Shopping Rewards

Credit cards, for many, are an enabler to see our world with less stress and out of pocket cash.  Their benefits allow some of us to stay in fancy hotels, travel first class for the first time in our lives, or have a (free!) pre-departure beverage. But, for many others, who maybe don’t value travel[…]

Chase British Airways Visa Signature Credit Card Review

Looking at the numbers, the Chase British Airways Visa Signature card is one of the best travel rewards cards on the market today. First thing that might jump out at you is the rate at which spending earns rewards: you get 2.5 miles per $1 spent on British Airways and 1.25 miles per $1 spent[…]

Citi Forward Credit Card Review

The Citi Forward card sports one of the best bonus rates we’ve seen, yet it’s a college student card. Go figure. Unfortunately, the non-student version has been discontinued. If you fit the bill, you’ll enjoy 5x points on restaurants, music stores, video rental stores, movie theaters, and bookstores. Note that restaurants includes fast food and[…]

Club Carlson Business Rewards Visa Credit Card Review

If hotel stays are the main reward you are looking for, the Club Carlson Business Rewards Visa credit card might be the perfect fit for your business. It offers an amazing sign-up bonus totaling 85,000 Gold points, as well as a solid rewards program that gives you 10 points per dollar spent at the participating[…]

Capital One Spark Cash for Business Credit Card Review

If you have varied business expenses, you will enjoy the Capital One Spark Cash for Business card. I put the Capital One Spark Card behind the SimplyCash® Business Card from American Express, which comes with no annual fee and a better sign-up bonus. It’s one of the best cash-back cards because its rewards program is clear-cut:[…]

Personal Expenses and Business Credit Cards

“Can I put non-business expenses on a business credit card?” The million dollar question. You want to meet the minimum spending requirements to earn those tasty bonus rewards, but don’t want to get in trouble. Well, luckily the answer is “very probably.” Nobody knows the reason behind your charges, so it’s not like the card[…]

Applying for a Business Credit Card

Should you add a business credit card to your collection? For the grand majority of people, the answer is undoubtedly “yes.” And many don’t even realize the benefits they can reap — or think that a business card doesn’t apply to them. Think again. Make no mistake: a business credit card is separate from the[…]

Get the Whole Story on Your Credit Card APR

Many people believe that to calculate how much interest they pay per month, they simply have to divide the APR by 12. Not so. APR, or annual percentage rate, is the quoted rate of interest that you pay over a year. But the quoted interest rate doesn’t precisely match up to what you actually pay[…]

United MileagePlus Explorer: globe-trot with style

Got wanderlust? Scratch the itch on a dime when you take advantage of a miles-based rewards program. The United MileagePlus Explorer credit card understands what frequent travelers need out of an airline card. Yes, it does come with a relatively high annual fee at $95 (waived for the first year), but also with a relatively[…]