Get $20 Cash Back with the Discover it Student Credit Card

Students need a good deal when it comes to credit card. Most students do not have tons of extra money to pay fees or pay for perks. Having a card that allows them to build up a nice cash back sum can be very enticing. Discover it for Students offers just this! They even have[…]

Finding the Right Student Credit Card

Establishing a good credit history is important while you are young, and college students should definitely add this to their list of priorities, somewhere above partying and ranking the best pizza places in town. Fortunately, there are a few credit cards that are currently available which are geared toward helping college students build up their[…]

The Upromise World MasterCard by SallieMae

Sometimes, students need credit, too.  I should know, I was one at one time, and began writing about travel and credit cards shortly after receiving my first.  Sustainable credit is an important topic to me, since I was taught at a young age to spend within my means. The Upromise MasterCard is marketed toward students[…]

Capital One Journey Student Card: Earn While You Learn

For students, there needs to be more to life planning than finding out what is happening this week around campus. If you’re in the “student” category, it’s important to be thinking about your credit and your future, while you are having fun (and hopefully getting a degree that gets you a great career). With that[…]

Citi Forward Review: Students Learn and Earn Points!

College students are not generally known for having good credit. While some have learned at an early age how to budget and manage their money successfully, many are swayed by the endless credit card offers that come pouring in, thinking that there is some free money out there waiting to be spent. The Citi Forward[…]

Students and Credit Cards

When one enters college, there are very few, but very specific, thoughts on one’s mind.  Graduating, finding a job, and beer money were at the top of my list.  Near the very bottom was my personal credit.  Living in the dorms, existing one ramen cup and Coors Light at a time doesn’t leave much time[…]

Discover It for Students: a class act

Link: Discover it® for Students Between all-night cram sessions and finding new ways to dress up ramen, most college students need a credit card that is simple to understand and, let’s face it, a little forgiving. Luckily, the Discover It for Students card offers all that plus a fairly generous rewards system. This makes it a[…]

The Best Credit Cards for Students

It used to be that students had to get part-time jobs in order to augment their allowances. They had to wash dishes, wait on tables, babysit and do other menial tasks that took away some, if not most, of their time for studying. Just like an answered prayer, credit card companies issued student credit cards.[…]