Target Redcard Review

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The Target REDcard is a special kind of store credit card, one that actually functions more like a debit card than a credit card. When you use it to pay for a purchase, it will take the funds out of the checking account that is associated with the account.

This means you will never carry a balance on this card, which is a convenient feature. There are some other great features, let’s dig in and take a look at this card and you can decide whether or not you like it!


The Benefits

Easy to Apply

Applying for the Target REDcard is simple, and you can do it right at the register in Target while you are making your purchases, or you can apply through the mail. You will need to provide a voided check when you apply. There is no credit check required to apply for a Target REDcard, making it an accessible discount card for anyone who wants to have it. All you need is a checking account.

Great Discounts!

Get a 5% discount on all purchases made using the Target REDcard debit card, both in the stores and online. There are certain exceptions, including prescriptions and gift cards, but this is a significant discount. The discount comes in the form of money off of your entire purchase, not points that you can redeem later. Many like the instant discount feature for the Target REDcard.

Free Shipping When You Order Online

Whenever you shop at using your Target REDcard, you can enjoy free shipping on all of your purchases, with no minimum purchase required.

No Annual Fee

There is no annual fee for the Target REDcard, and no application fees. Because it is completely free to use, it can be a painless addition to your financial portfolio, and one that can get you great discounts if you love shopping at Target.

Convenience of Direct Debit 

You won’t receive a monthly statement or bill from Target REDcard, because you will pay for all of your purchases in full at the time of purchase, since the money is automatically debited from your checking account. This means you will never incur any debt by using the Target REDcard.

Donate to Education

Target is committed to making charitable contributions, and makes a donation to education that is the equivalent of 1% of all purchases made with the Target REDcard. The donation will be made to the school of your choice, so you have a say in where that money goes.

Easy Return Policy

If you prefer to shop online, you will enjoy the free shipping, but one of the great perks is that you can make the returns in any store. No worries about return shipping costs or packing up your returns. Just head to the store for your refund or to make your exchange.

Save on Prescription Copays

When you fill five or more prescriptions at the Target pharmacy, you will get an extra 5% discount coupon that you can use on any single day at any Target location, and the 5% discount will be in addition to your normal 5% discount for using the REDcard.



Although this card is great for people who love shopping at Target, it is not terribly useful for other shopping purposes (actually not useful at all). It does not yet work with Target Mobile, but this may change in the future as more people access their shopping through the mobile app.

Also, the Target REDcard does not add any debt to you, but will also not affect your credit or help you build credit at all. So, if you need to build credit, you might want to consider one of the other cards available or a secured credit card.



The Target REDcard does offer some great discounts and free shipping options for those who love shopping at Target, but has little else to offer. If you shop at other places, and have a credit score that would qualify you for a regular unsecured credit card, you might want to consider the Discover it® card or the Chase Freedom, both of which provide great cash back or travel rewards and give you credit for all of your purchases. Plus, they offer rotating categories of 5% earnings for points, and sometimes this will even include department stores like Target!

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