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The Basics of Award Booking

Part 3

The Basics of Award Booking


There’s no point earning all those points and miles if you’ve got no clue about how to get the most juice out of them! Our in-house expert on the subject has written some amazing and informative blog posts that can help you use your points and miles for traveling classy, without spending anything extra from your pocket! Check these out!


  • Adding free extra legs and stopovers for almost nothing when you’re traveling with American Airlines Award flights – Find out how you can work around the American Airlines stopover rules and earn free tickets to different destinations! Visit this page to learn more!


  • Ah, the beauty of the Open Jaw! To those who’re not familiar with the airline terms, no, we’re not about to suggest a dental checkup! ‘Open Jaw’ is a term used in the airlines industry to refer to a trip wherein the passenger flies into one destination and returns from another. Or the city that he/she returns to isn’t his/her original departure city. Read this blog post to find out how you can book an open jaw award ticket with your miles and see more of the world!


  • Find out how you can book a free one way ticket on United Airlines by making strategic use of stopovers and open jaws?! Learn how you can combine these two strategies to derive maximum value from your booking. Read this blog post to learn the exact trick! 
  • Do you know you’re legally allowed to stay in your stopover city for as long as 364 days?! Adding stopovers when redeeming your rewards points is a very clever idea! Become friends with the term ‘stopover’ and stretch your miles to the max! Geoff tells you all that you must know about stopovers and how you can take full advantage of them. Read his post here.


  • Ever wondered how to use your British Airways Avios points for booking an American Airlines Award flight? Your British Airways Avios points can come in real handy during your short-haul domestic travels. So, if you’re sitting on a pretty Avios balance, read this post and find out how you can use them for booking American Airlines Award flights. Chances are that you get even better deals than the AAdvantage flights!


  • Air miles and rewards points are very valuable on their own, but their utility gets multiplied many times when alliances like Star Alliance come into the picture. You can maximize the value of your hard earned miles by using them for flying partner airlines. Go through this post and learn all the important facts related to the Star Alliance.  It’s a very prestigious alliance of 27 prominent airlines such as Lufthansa, United, US Airways, SWISS, Brussels Airlines, Air China, Croatia Airlines, Air New Zealand and more.

There’s no point earning all those points and miles if you’ve got no clue about how to get the most juice out of them!

  • Learn the nitty-gritties of booking Star Alliance Award flights with your US Airways Dividend Miles. As US Airways is a part of the Star Alliance, you’re allowed to use your Dividend miles for flying any of the prestigious Star Alliance partners like Lufthansa and others. Geoff gives you some very useful pointers on booking these partner Star Alliance flights. Please note, you’re not allowed to book these award flights online and must call the US Airways helpline number for booking them. You won’t be charged the usual $30 fee for it. Read more.


  • Been racking up plenty of points on your Chase rewards cards? Well, you can use the transfer option on the UltimateRewards.com website and transfer your Ultimate Rewards points to various top-rated travel programs like the ones run by Marriott, Hyatt, United, British Airways, Ritz-Carlton, Priority Club and more! Not just that, you can transfer these points to your near and dear ones too! So, don’t hesitate stealing your spouse’s points the next time s/he isn’t looking! Let Geoff break down the entire process for you and guide you every step of the way. Here’s his useful blog post regarding this.


  • Learn how to use your Ultimate Rewards points for domestic air travel. What makes Chase Ultimate Rewards program so special and flexible is the kind of transfer partners it has. These transfer partners change the game completely! You can visit the British Airways website and use your Ultimate Rewards points for booking short-haul domestic flights, just like AAdvantage miles! How about travelling from Dallas to Miami using only 15,000 Ultimate Rewards points?! Sounds like a good deal?! Check this blog post to learn more!

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