The New Hawaiian Airlines Business MasterCard Review

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Who doesn’t like Hawaii?  Besides those afraid of islands and beautiful surroundings, Hawaii is a dream vacation for many on both sides of the Pacific.  With great water, beaches, pineapples, and great golf, it’s a major vacation destination for not only mainlanders but also Japanese tourists due to its ‘Middle of the Pacific’ location.

Hawaiian Airlines seems like a natural airline to fly to the Aloha state, doesn’t it?  But, how do you get the points necessary to fly on Hawaiian?  With a credit card, of course!  And, if you are a small business owner, you can apply for the New Hawaiian Airlines Business MasterCard, in addition to the personal version.  Let’s check out some of the benefits below!

Apply Now: The Hawaiian Airlines® Business MasterCard®


The Benefits

Sign Up Bonus

Everyone loves a good sign up bonus.  Thankfully, Hawaiian’s business credit card delivers.  By meeting the spend requirement of $1,000 of purchases in 90 days, you will earn you 35,000 miles.  Not too shabby (and, if you pair it up with the personal credit card, that’s another 35,000 miles!).

Bonus Miles

You’ll earn lots of bonus miles with this card if you’re flying Hawaiian Airlines often.  Every dollar spent with the airline will earn two miles, and one mile will be earned for every other purchase.  In addition, special partners on their website can earn you ten points per dollar.  Furthermore, if you spend $50-99,000 in the year of your card, you’ll receive an extra 20,000 miles.  Spend over $100,000, and you’ll earn 40,000 bonus miles.  This is available every year that you own the card, so if you have a business that spends over $100,000 a year, you’ll have plenty of bonus points!

Other Benefits

Are you someone that takes their entire closet with them when they travel?  Well, you’re in luck.  With this credit card, you’ll receive a free checked bag when flying on Hawaiian.  For me flying to Hawaii, all I need is a backpack and a swimsuit, but for others, their entire wardrobe is necessary.

For one-time only, you’ll receive 50% off a companion ticket when you fly from North America in coach.  That’s pretty nice if you want to fly to Hawaii immediately after receiving the card, instead of waiting for the points to deposit into your account.  You’ll also receive 5,000 point discount on all Hawaiian Airlines award redemptions from North America to Hawaii.  Anything helps!


The Nitty Gritty

The card does levy an $89 fee per year, which is not waived.  However, the card does have ‘SmartChip’ technology, which is becoming more and more popular stateside.  Furthermore, if you use the card abroad, there are no foreign transaction fees.   And, the card includes the new “ChipCard” technology, making it easy to use the credit card in places like Europe and South America.



Earning miles in such a niche program may not seem to make a lot of sense to you, but with roundtrips running just 40,000 miles (and sometimes less with discounted awards), a signup bonus is essentially a flight to Hawaii.  Furthermore, with partners like Membership Rewards, which can help you top off your account, and the ability to book awards on ANA, Delta, Korean Air, JetBlue, Virgin America, Virgin Atlantic, and Virgin Australia makes this program make sense.  In addition, if you’re on a longer Hawaiian vacation and would like to island hop, intra-island flights run just 7,500 miles.  What do you think?  Is this card worth it?  Let us know in the comments!

Apply Now: The Hawaiian Airlines® Business MasterCard®