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The Top Citibank Credit Cards of 2014

There are many credit card issuing banks out there on this earth.  Not all are created equal.  Some banks really are known for solid card products (looking at you, Amex and Chase) and support their customers.  Citibank is one of those companies.

But, which cards are the best to hold in your wallet in 2014?  Which ones have the best offerings for travelers, for big spenders, or for the thrifty among us?  This post is for you.  Let’s get into what the top Citi credit cards are for 2014, shall we?


Do You Like Rewards?

I would recommend the Citi ThankYou Premier card for those of you that enjoy redeeming points for the best rewards possible.  I love Citi’s “ThankYou” system, which gives you a twenty-five (25) percent boost for booking through Citi for flights and hotels.  This card is a powerhouse for earning with regular spending.

If you spend a lot of money on airfare or hotels, you’ll earn three points per dollar spent.  This is huge for business travelers.  For any other purchase, you’ll earn one point per dollar.  Still, if you are a big traveler (and taxi fares count under the travel category), this card is solid.  There is a $125 annual fee, though.


Big Balances

I know that many of us have had bad ‘luck’ with keeping up with our credit card bills.  Many don’t realize that a way out of some bad credit card debt with high interest rates is a balance transfer to another credit card with a lower interest rate.

The Citi Simplicity card is a good card for this type of trouble.  With the most 0% APR financing for purchases and balance transfers on the market today, at eighteen months, this card is awesome.  There are no penalty fees or penalty APRs with this card.  What an awesome credit card!


No Fees? No Problem.

The Citi Dividend Platinum Select card features no annual fee, and gives you a nice sign-up bonus- $100 after spending  $500 in the first three months of card membership.  Another one of those ‘cycling category’ credit cards, the Citi Dividend Platinum Select credit card additionally offers 5% cash back on four different categories a year.

The benefits are capped at $300 per year, though, limiting you a bit.  You’ll have unlimited 1% back on all other purchases, however.  There are better cash back credit cards out there, sure, but if you like Citi as a credit card issuer, this is your best option.



These are the best options from Citi, in my opinion.  Are they the best options available on earth?  No, but I do love a card that offers you mistake-free credit (the Simplicity card), or a card that offers three points per dollar spent on travel (ThankYou Premier) or a cash back card with bonus categories (Platinum Select).

What do you think? Do you think these cards are worthy of a spot in your wallet?  Or, do you think there are better cards out there?  We want to know in the comments!