These Credit Cards Offer Airport Lounge Access

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Everyone loves the airport lounge.  It makes traveling just a bit easier, and it’s always great to pick up some free snacks (and booze) before or after your long flight.  A warm shower doesn’t hurt after a transatlantic or transpacific journey, either.

With many cards cutting benefits for lounges these days, many of you have inquired about the very best credit cards to use for gaining access to these wonderful airport spaces.  You’re in luck, the information you seek is below!


1.  Citi Executive/AAdvantage World Elite MasterCard

The first card we can detail for you is the Citi Executive/AAdvantage World Elite MasterCard.  This mouthful of a name for a credit card basically means that for the steep annual fee of $450, you’ll be able to access both Admirals Clubs and US Airways clubs.  Furthermore, their sign up bonus is quite large, depending on the offer you receive (60,000-100,000 miles) for spending $7,500 in three months upon account opening.  You’ll also receive $200 in statement credits within 12 months of account opening for the card.

2.  American Express Platinum Card

What used to be the card for lounge access has faltered over the past year or so.  No longer can you access US Airways or American Airlines clubs anymore, and United Club access was lost a few years ago.  Now, only Delta clubs allow you to enter, but only for you (guest access costs extra).  However, the card does offer up free Priority Club access, which is a membership-based lounge access system where you pay per access.  Their network is worldwide, however.

3.  United Mileage Plus Club Card

For those of you who just want club access, Chase offers this card which gives members no bonus miles at sign up, but gives $100 of statement credit towards the first year’s $395 annual fee.  You’ll also receive $60 in credits if you are a Premier 1K member.  Two free checked bags, priority boarding, and Platinum Hyatt status is another benefit of this card.

4.  Delta Reserve Credit Card from American Express

For a steep $450 annual fee, you’ll receive access for only the primary cardholder to Delta’s Sky Club lounges.  Guests cost $29.  You’ll also receive one free checked bag, double miles on purchases, and priority access when flying.  New applicants will receive 10,000 miles as well as 10,000 qualifying miles towards elite status.

5.  Ink Bold and Ink Plus

Both of these cards offer us Lounge Club access, which acts similarly to Priority Club membership.  However, one key difference is the fact that you get two entries free at the start of the membership.  They do have less lounges (only 350 worldwide), but it’s nice to have, especially in conjunction with a Priority Pass membership.


All in all, these cards are your best bet for finding lounge access with your credit card.  There are some expensive options out there, sure, but when you look at individual club memberships, they do make sense.  Also take into account your status that you may have with an airline- if you do a lot of international traveling, you may not need a lounge membership.