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Virgin Atlantic Rewards Credit Card Review

Travel rewards credit cards are available to qualified account holders from a wide variety of airlines, making the task of hitting the skies more rewarding than ever. Whether you fly for business or pleasure, internationally or domestically, travel credit cards are a smart way to earn reduced or no cost flights, seat upgrades, waived baggage fees and more. For travelers who appreciate the experience of flying Virgin Atlantic, the rewards credit card offered through the airline is a great way to rack up points that can be redeemed for flights across the globe in addition to other valuable perks.


Card Basics

Virgin Atlantic has created a frequent flyer rewards program known as the Flying Club, offering a number of ways to earn rewards for free flights on the airline and its partner airlines. For new cardholders, the Virgin Atlantic rewards credit card is offering a 20,000 bonus mile credit after the first purchase is made with the card. Account holders can also earn up to 15,000 additional reward miles at each account anniversary, after qualifying purchases are made. For each new account additional cardholder added to the credit card, up to 5,000 additional Flying Club miles can be earned.

In addition to the bonus Flying Club miles earned through the current promotions offered through Virgin Atlantic, cardholders earn rewards easily by simply utilizing the card for purchases. Any purchases of Virgin Atlantic airfare earn cardholders 3 Flying Club miles per $1 spent, without limitation. Similarly, 1.5 Flying Club miles are earned per $1 spent on all other purchases made with the card. Any Flying Club miles accrued throughout the year can be redeemed for airfare through the airline, seat or cabin upgrades, or companion seats for friends or family.

While the Flying Club rewards program is helpful in achieving the necessary number of rewards to redeem for international or domestic flights, the Virgin Atlantic rewards credit card offers an additional way to boost your earning power. Cardholders are also eligible to earn tier points by using their credit card. One tier point is earned per $2,500 spent on purchases, with a maximum of 2 tier points earned each month. Additional tier points can be earned by flying Virgin Atlantic or any of the airline’s partners. Racking up tier points through purchases and flights gives cardholders a higher status over time, which leads to additional benefits not available to lower status cardholders or frequent flyers.

Unique Cardholder Perks

The Flying Club rewards program is not the only perk of using the Virgin Atlantic rewards credit card. Account holders also have access to a number of unique perks offered directly through the airline, including exclusive access to airport lounges, special entertainment events, and discounts on a variety of events only available to cardholders. A dedicated concierge service is also one of the perks associated with the Virgin Atlantic rewards credit card which offers account holders VIP access to dining, hotel stays, hard-to-get event tickets and car services.

While extra rewards are nice to have, the safety that comes with the Virgin Atlantic rewards credit card makes it stand out among other travel credit cards. Account holders are able to connect with fraud resolution specialists to get clear guidance and assistance with reporting credit card fraud with each credit bureau. Additionally, purchase assurance is an added perk of the travel rewards card, offering protection of up to $1,000 on items that are damaged or stolen within 90 days of purchase. Cardholders also have the benefit of an extended warranty on some items purchase with the credit card which extends the original manufacturer’s warranty up to one additional year. For cardholders who worry about purchase protection and identity theft, the Virgin Atlantic rewards credit card is a smart choice.

Virgin Atlantic cardholders also have access to travel assistance and emergency roadside help when needed. The travel assistance program offered through the credit card provides medical, legal and travel-oriented help no matter how far away from home you may be, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The emergency roadside assistance program offers access to a 24-hour, toll-free network of providers that can lend a hand with unexpected roadside needs. Also, cardholders are automatically protected for up to $500,000 through common carrier travel accident insurance when airfare is purchased through the Virgin Atlantic rewards credit card.

The Fine Print

With the seemingly endless number of travel rewards credit cards available to frequent flyers these days, it is always recommended that cardholders understand the fine print of the cardholder agreement. For travelers interested in the Virgin Atlantic rewards credit card, an excellent credit history and score are required to qualify. No introductory interest rate is available at this time, and the standard purchase APR ranges from 12.49% up to 19.49%, based on creditworthiness. Balance transfers are available up to the individual cardholder’s credit limit, but no promotional interest rate is available at this time. A fee is assessed for all balance transfers equal to 3% of the total amount transferred to the new card.

The Virgin Atlantic rewards credit card has a relatively low interest rate for well-qualified account holders, but an annual fee of $90 is due each account anniversary. There are also fees associated with late or returned payments, and the penalty APR of 29.99% is applied when a payment is missed. Cardholders are also assessed a fee for any cash advances taken against their available credit limit, equal to $10 or 3% of the amount advanced, whichever is greater. The cash advance APR ranges from 15.49% up to 22.49%, depending on the cardholder’s initial purchase APR.

The Final Verdict

Although the Virgin Atlantic rewards credit card offers an attractive array of perks and reward-earning potential to cardholders, the travel card is not the best fit for every frequent flyer. Individuals who conduct most of their travel through Virgin Atlantic or their select partner airlines can earn free flights and upgrades relatively quickly. However, travelers who prefer to switch up their preferred airline from time to time may not benefit from the lower Flying Club rewards potential. Additionally, flyers who want a low-cost travel rewards card are better offer finding a credit card with a lower annual fee and more flexible fees for balance transfers or cash advances.