What Can You Do with 40,000 US Airways Miles?

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A bonus of 40,000 US Airways miles can go a long way, if you learn about the options that you have. It’s important to know that within the next year, American Airlines and US Airways will merge, and all of your earned miles will be American Airlines AAdvantage miles. This may change the way that you use them, so let’s take a look at how it will shake out for those who hold the US Airways MasterCard.

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The Offer

When you use the current version of The US Airways Premier World MasterCard®, you will earn a bonus of 40,000 US Airways Dividend Miles after you make your very first purchase. This is a generous bonus, and one that can get you places! This is the kind of bonus you really want to earn while you have the chance (i.e., before the merger happens).

Combine Miles After the Merger

Don’t worry about losing your 40,000 US Airways Dividend Miles after the two airlines merge. You will be able to combine miles if you have them with both, or convert your US Airways Dividend miles into AAdvantage miles. So, no worries in that department.

Redeeming Your Miles for Domestic Flights

Since it only costs you 25,000 Dividend miles for a round trip domestic flight, your 40,000 miles stands to get you well on your way! With the added bonus of a 5,000-mile discount for flying on US Airways, your ticket will only cost you 20,000. Do the math—you can actually get two domestic tickets on US Airways if you work quickly to redeem them! If you can use the miles before you lose your $99 companion certificate (yes, sadly this is a perk that looks like it will be lost), then you really have something to write home about—three tickets for $99.

Another option is to use your US Airways Dividend Miles to fly on American Airlines, but you won’t get the 5,000-mile discount. You will still end up with a good balance of miles that you can use toward your next domestic flight, or, if you have additional miles accrued you may have enough for two tickets. Still a pretty good deal, if you want to use your miles for a domestic flight. But, there are other options, too!

Redeeming Your Miles for Hawaii Flights

This option is an ideal way to redeem your US Airways Dividend bonus miles, since you get a bonus of 40,000 miles and a ticket to Hawaii will cost you 40,000 Dividend miles. If you fly on US Airways, it will only cost you 35,000 with the 5,000-mile discount!

Redeeming Your Miles for International Flights

Your 40,000 US Airways Dividend Miles won’t be enough alone to get you on an international flight, but it certainly will put a nice dent in the requirement. As an example, a flight from Baltimore to London on Economy class will cost you 55,000 miles and about $150 in taxes (when you are able to get the 5,000-mile discount).

Other airline partners may have much higher mileage requirements, but, depending on how often you fly and how many miles you accrue, redeeming 110,000 miles to fly to Asia might not be a stretch for you.

Maximizing Your Rewards

Flying during non-peak times can help you to maximize your rewards and really get the most out of your miles. Creative routes can also help you to get where you want to go for the least amount of miles possible. Do some research before trying to redeem your US Airways Dividend Miles, because when you contact the reps for help, you may not get the most knowledgeable one. You need to know what you are entitled to and what is available, if you want to maximize your options.


There is no rush to use your US Airways Dividend Miles and cash out your 40,000 bonus miles. But, if you are looking for a card with a great sign on bonus, then this might be an excellent choice because it will not be available for much longer, and you will not lose your miles when US Airways merges with American Airlines. So, if you would rather wait and combine your miles, then, by all means, take advantage of this opportunity!

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