When is the Best Time to Sell a House?

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There comes a time in our lives where we decide to pack up and move away. It’s totally natural, right? Maybe you own a house by yourself, and you’re finally making the decision to move in with your soon-to-be husband. Maybe you live somewhere with a cold climate and you’re aching for warmth. Or maybe you recently experienced a tragedy in your household and you’re forced to pack up and move. We’ve all been there, and if we haven’t, then we someday will. Everybody moves households at least once in their life; it’s going to happen. The biggest question you have when selling your home is probably ‘when is the best time to sell my house?”. Am I right? Well, I’m about to explain to you when exactly you should decide to sell.





The best time to sell your home is definitely in the spring time, which would be between March and April. I mean, why not? Have you seen how beautiful it gets outside during those 2 months? The flowers start to burst out in full bloom, the grass reverts to its natural healthy green, the trees become full of life again, and your in-ground pool is a beautiful bright blue again! Out of the whole year, spring is the most beautiful! Buyers usually shop around during these months, and then close the deal around June.

Think about it; in the winter, your home looks so gloomy and bland, while in the spring, your home looks so alive and bursting with color! Which would you rather buy; a dark, gloomy house or a nice, warm beautiful home? Aside from spring bringing natural beauty to your home, it also brings in longer days. This means that buyers have more time to shop throughout the day.

The weather is also a huge factor of selling a home. Why on Earth would you want to go around shopping for a house when it’s 27 degrees and snowing? Exactly; you would much rather be shopping when it’s a cozy 80 degrees, am I right? Spring is just all-around, a better season to sell your home.



Another reason you would prefer to sell your home in the spring time is because the sale prices are bigger. You know how a regular market lowers the price with the more inventories they have? Well, it’s the complete opposite with the housing market. The more homes that are up for sale, the higher your price can be. Think about it. You’re competing with your neighborhood homes. There’s usually at least one home on each street that gets put up for sale during the spring time. With more buyers circling the homes, you’re able to raise your price and still get a good buyer. There’s more of a demand for homes in the spring because of the start of a new school year for children.



In the spring time, your home has better value, as well. Now, when buyers come around, they value each house they’re interested in. What this does is it shows buyers what the past comparable houses sold for in your neighborhood. Let’s say the most recent home they see was a home that was sold in the winter for a low price. That can hurt your valuation. I would recommend waiting until at least one or two other homes go up to sale in your neighborhood before putting yours up on the market. This way, they’ll have more recent homes to compare yours to.



Sometimes when the housing market is so busy, you’ll experience a bidding war. This is a huge plus for you as a seller! You’ll have multiple offers being made on your home. The more offers, the higher the price goes up. So if you go in selling your home for $400,000, you might possibly walk away with $450,000; more or less. When this happens, you’re a little less likely to have repair requests from the buyer.

Then you have buyers with cash. They’re a bit more aggressive when it comes to buying homes. You might experience a buyer shoving a huge wad of cash your way!



Now, when selling a home during spring time, sellers have the options of being a little more on the picky side. They have more buyers walking in and out of their homes. Wouldn’t it be sad to see your beautiful home being sold to the neighborhood thugs? Within two years, your beautiful home might not be so beautiful anymore. Wouldn’t you rather sell your house to someone you can trust? Yes! You’ll be able to pick the newlyweds as your home buyer over the typical gangsters, am I right?

With that being said, buyers also have the choice to be picky. There are more homes out there to choose from! Maybe your home has an outdated kitchen, whereas the home one block down the road might have a brand new one! They do have options, just like you as a seller does as well. Buyers just aren’t under pressure to buy a home during the spring time. They’re in no hurry, usually. They still have all summer before their children get back into school. Am I right, my friends?

Out of all the reasons I’ve listed above, you can probably agree with me that spring time is, of course, the best time to sell your home. Let me tell you about selling your home during the winter time.



Okay my friends, during the winter time, your home is less likely to sell for several different reasons.

One of the reasons would be because there’s obviously less attraction to the home; like how I mentioned earlier. You’re home just looks so gloomy in the winter time. The grass is dead, yellow and crunchy, right? I mean, think about the spring time, where you can walk around your yard barefoot in the fluffy, green grass.  In the winter, the grass is hard to walk on; it hurts your feet.

All your trees are bare and brown. Yes, I know trees are naturally brown, but they’re most beautiful when they have a full head of green leaves, am I right? There are no blooming flowers greeting you at the front door, just weeds. The pool in the backyard is green and covered.

If you’re in dire need of selling your home in the winter, I would advise you to post pictures of your home in the spring time on your listing. This way, the buyers get a good idea of what your home looks like during the spring time. Another thing you should do is to keep your drive way and sidewalks cleaned up. Clear them of any sticks, dead grass or debris. This will help bring some attention to buyers.



Another problem you might face during the winter is a frugal buyer. You don’t have much competition around the neighborhood, so your home might be the only one within 5 miles that’s up for sale. That doesn’t mean the buyer is going to buy the first home they see. They’ll probably be harsher on home repairs and lower prices for the home. If you want to sell your home quickly, you’ll need to be more willing to work with the buyer. Something you can do to help you get a good deal for the house, would be to raise your price. If you want to sell your home for $400,000, I would recommend putting it up for about $475,000. This way, when the buyer comes to you asking for a lower price, you’ll still be getting some of that money you originally wanted.

There might be a reason for selling your home during the winter time. Maybe you experienced a death in the family, or you’ve been laid off. You want to sell your home fast. During the winter, you’ll find the buyers are more eager to buy a home quickly. Just like you, the buyer most likely experienced a tragedy. Maybe they’re been relocated, or just stuck in a situation that forces them to move. You both need to work together and compromise for a better deal.


Now you have a pretty good idea of when the best time to sell your house is, am I right? You should definitely aim for a spring sale, but of course, we all get stuck in positions that force us to sell at the wrong times.

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