Which Credit Cards Offer the Longest 0% APR?

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Let’s talk about the credit cards with the longest 0% intro APR period.

When you sign up for a new credit card, often one of the most enticing perks is having a 0% introductory APR.

A promotional APR rate is often used to lure customers to sign up for a particular credit card. According to federal laws, the promotional rate cannot be offered for less than 6 months. Promotional rates can be simply lower than the current rates offered, or they may actually be 0%. A 0% APR introductory rate can be very enticing, as it usually means that as long as you make your minimum payments on time, you will not pay any interest during the entire promotional period.

There are many cards that offer a 0% APR as an introductory rate, we will compare two cards, the Citi Simplicity and the Discover it. Currently, both of these cards offer a 0% APR for 18 months, which is an excellent benefit. Although these cards have little else in common, both may make for great choices when you are looking for your next credit card.

Citi Simplicity Offers No Fees, Ever!

Not only can you get a 0% APR for 18 months—on all purchases and balance transfers—but you can avoid paying any annual fees, penalties or late fees, ever, when you use this card. One the introductory rate expires, you will pay an interest rate that ranges from 12.99%-21.99%, depending on your credit score. The Citi Simplicity charges 3% on all balance transfers.

Never having to pay fees makes the Citi Simplicity a very attractive option! Plus, the promo rate applies for the full 18 months for both purchases and balance transfers, meaning you can save a ton in interest, especially if you don’t make it a habit to pay off your credit card in full each month.

Link: Citi Simplicity Credit Card Review


Discover It Offers Great Cash Back Rewards!

Discover has a great option with its latest offering, the Discover it credit card. This credit card offers an amazing 18 month introductory APR of 0% on balance transfers, and 6 months on all purchases. Discover charges 3% on all balance transfers made. In addition to this great promotional APR, the Discover it card is a cash back rewards card that allows you to earn 1% cash back on all purchases made with the card, with bonus categories that rotate quarterly and offer 5% cash back! Just as an example, the current categories this quarter that qualify for the 5% rate include home improvement stores, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and many furniture stores.

At the end of the introductory period, your APR will range from 10.99%-21.99%, depending on your creditworthiness. Other benefits offered from Discover it include a free FICO credit score listed on every statement. This can really help you stay on top of your credit score, and be nearly instantly aware of any changes—good or bad—that happen to your credit score.

There is no annual fee for this credit card, and no penalty fees assessed. You won’t be charged a late payment fee for the first late payment, but after that you will be charged up to $35 for late payments.

Apply Now: Discover it® – 18 Month Balance Transfer


Comparing the Citi Simplicity and Discover It Cards

In summary, both the Citi Simplicity and the Discover it credit cards offer terrific benefits, including a long promotional 0% APR. Discover it has a shorter period of 0% on purchases, but both offer a full 18 months of 0% on balance transfers, making either a great choice if you are trying to pay off credit card debt that is currently at higher interest rates. With the added perk of getting cash back rewards (up to 5% in certain categories), the Discover it has to come out a little bit ahead, in our opinion. What do you think?

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