Why You Need a Credit Card When You Travel

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In some parts of the country, it seemed like the snow was never going to melt this year, and that spring temperatures were never going to arrive. But, eventually, of course, they have. This means that many people are anxious to take a vacation, whether they plan to hop on a plane or take a great road trip. While you are packing your bathing suit and sunscreen, you definitely want to make sure that you have your credit card with you, too!

There are many important reasons that you will want to have a credit card with you when you are traveling, and, believe it or not, shopping does not top the list! Credit cards make traveling much more easy and convenient, as well as safe.

Here are a few of the reasons why you need a credit card when traveling:

1. You Probably Need One to Book a Hotel or Rent a Car.

Sure, you can probably get into a fleabag motel on the side of the road for cash up front, but, do you really want to stay there? If you want to stay in any decent place, you are going to need a credit card to book the room. The hotel will place a “hold” on your card to cover any incidentals or damage, and that hold will be released when you check out. Some people try to use a debit card for this purpose, but this can tie up a lot of your liquid cash, while using a credit card ties up “imaginary” money that won’t come out of your pocket at all or affect your ability to spend money at other places.

2. Most Credit Cards Offer Travel Insurance Benefits.

Most of the top credit card companies offer travel insurance in the form of auto rental insurance coverage, emergency roadside assistance, and more. Take advantage of these perks—hopefully you never need them, but in the event that you do, you will be very glad that you used your credit card.

3. Earn Rewards Points.

Most people tend to spend more while traveling, so why not take advantage of this temporary increase in spending and use your credit card to make the purchases? Plus, you might benefit from bonus categories, which are commonly gas stations and dining, two things you are likely to be spending money on while traveling.

4. Protecting Yourself From Fraud.

Playing it safe while traveling is always important. When you are in an unfamiliar location, surrounded by strangers, it is especially important that you protect your personal belongings—and your identity. By using a credit card to make your purchases, instead of cash, you are able to keep close tabs on your spending, and you can easily dispute any fraudulent charges in the event that your card is lost or stolen. Nobody ever gets cash back when it is stolen!

Credit cards are just as important as anything else that you pack while preparing for a trip! With the additional insurance, fraud protection, opportunities for extra points and more, using a credit card for traveling is a no-brainer! And, if you use the right rewards cards, you will set yourself up more quickly for your next trip with tons of points to redeem.

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